Healing the Wounds of War Talk

Monday, March 5, 2018 - 17:15
Large Seminar Room Iontas Building, North Campus, Maynooth University


Salome Mbugua is the founder and president of AkiDwA-The migrant women's network in Ireland. She is the head of mission with the. Wezesha-African Diaspora-led development Organization.

Egide Dhala co-founder and director of African Diaspora-led development body Wezesha
Salome Mbugua, who was born in Kenya, has been living in Ireland for over 21 years. She has spent over two decades working with women and children from countries where war and armed conflict has taken place. In 2016, she produced a report – ‘Healing the Wounds of War’ – narratives of over 100 of these women, who are now living in Ireland. This is the first time such stories have been recorded. Salome says she will never forget their experiences: “They are horrifying stories. I had never heard stories of women who had experienced so much. I had previously worked in Kenya and Uganda, but the stories I heard from the women who had come here, who were running away from such conflict and war, and how it had impacted on their lives: they are still haunted by what has happened to them.”