At the Department of Education in Maynooth University, we are concerned with the study of education and we are actively engaged in a broad range of educational research. Education is a vital public good and one of the most fundamental and important activities in any society. For individuals, quality education enables the development of intellectual, social and cultural potential which can transform lives. Education allows us as a society to encounter our world through diverse perspectives, to understand the past, navigate the present, imagine the future and support the next generation to face the challenges that will emerge. It helps us to face the complexity of living in a pluralistic world and to reflect on the values that orient our lives as individuals and societies. In our department, we reflect on and interrogate the purposes, principles and values underpinning educational policy, practice and theory. We think creatively about pedagogy, curriculum and educational life. Our courses support educational professionals and researchers to engage in critical conversations about education and to transform the field of education through their own research and engagement. We invite you to explore our range of programmes below.