Important Note: Application windows for Postgraduate Diploma in School Guidance Counselling MH93G and Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership MH40G Programmes:

* The PGDELM (Future Leaders) programme is currently being updated and full details will be advertised in early-mid January. Should you wish to be included in an e-mail update for the programme, please e-mail with the words 'Future Leaders' in the title bar.
* The application window for the Postgraduate Diploma in School Guidance Counselling (MH93G) is now open on PAC

Are you working as a teacher or as an educational professional? Would you like to deepen your pedagogical understanding to develop your teaching and pupils’ learning? Would you like to prepare yourself for career progression within your school or to progress to another role within the education sector?  If you are interested in studying with the Education Department, please visit our
Course Page for information on all of our courses. The  Career Advancement Booklet  gives an overview of the range of courses offered at the Maynooth University Department of Education. These include courses in the areas of educational leadership and school guidance counselling. The Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management (PGDELM) is for teachers who seek, or are currently in, leadership roles. The modular Master in Education programme is proving very popular among students owing to its flexible structure and diverse content. We also offer  Doctor of Education with Specialisms. The three specialism strands are teacher education, educational leadership and curriculum studies (subject to availability). We also invite you to consult our  School Placement Flyer 2019-20 . As a central component of initial teacher education, the time our student teachers spend on school placement is vital to their preparation for a career in teaching. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries.