Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment Framework

MU is committed to the development of an institutional campus culture which is safe, respectful and supportive.  We are actively working to implement the Framework for Consent in HEIs: Safe, Respectful, Supportive and Positive: Ending Sexual Harassment in Irish Higher Education Institutions .

In line with national requirements, we have a   Maynooth University Action Plan to Tackle Sexual Violence and Harassment


Active* Consent e-learning module - Sexual Violence & Harassment: How to support yourself & your peers 

This module includes the following -  
  • The legal definition of consent, rape, and sexual assault in Irish law 
  • How external factors (gender roles, alcohol and drugs, etc) can impact our ability to communicate consent with our partners 
  • Fictional consent scenarios featuring a diverse range of relationships  
  • How to be an Active* Bystander that intervenes to prevent SVH (sexual violence & harassment) from occurring 
  • What to do if a close friend tells you about a negative sexual experience they have had 
  • Interactive content (quizzes, polls, etc) that helps students develop a more nuanced understanding of consent & sexual violence  
  • This module takes 30 - 45 mins to complete and we encourage you to take time to do so during this term.