The Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting at Maynooth University places a high premium on quality teaching and personal contact with our students, ensuring that the students' experience at Maynooth University is both enjoyable and productive, whatever degree programme pursued.  Successful students emerge with a deep knowledge of their subject and a variety of skills which will give them a competitive edge in an ever more competitive job market. Graduates are equipped for a wide variety of careers, such as accountancy, banking, financial services, teaching and economic consultancy, to name but a few.
We believe that good teaching and research complement each other. We strive to maintain a high output of quality published material as well as thoughtful and considered contributions to on-going policy debates.
As one of the largest departments in Maynooth University, we offer a range of courses in accounting, economics and finance.

Students can take Economics, Finance, and Accounting as part of the Maynooth Arts degree programme.

In addition we have a number of special designated entry degrees.

The B.A. Finance degree was launched in 1992. It is almost entirely provided from within the Economics , Finance and Accounting Department and is unique in Ireland.  
The B.A. Finance and Accounting was launched in 2005.  This course has proven immensely popular as it provides an excellent foundation in our three core areas of economics, finance and accounting. Honours graduates are awarded exemption from CAP1 examinations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland (ACA), exemptions F1 to F7 (inclusive) of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and equivalent papers of the CIMA and CPA Institutes.
The B.A. International Finance and Economics was launched in 2010.  This course gives students the opportunity to combine a focussed International Finance and Economics degree programme with language acquisition and the experience of studying and working abroad.