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The Extra-Curricular Activities Awards Scheme was established in the 2006 /07 academic year as a result of the initiative of the student leadership in partnership with the University.
This particular Award aims to recognise and reward undergraduate students who give so much back to their fellow students and the wider community through their hard work and commitment to improving the student experience. In delivering this quality experience to the campus at large these students are learning key skills which will aid them in their attempts to find a job and career after their graduation from the University.
The present economy and job market is a very different prospect for our graduates than it was 5 to 10 years ago when jobs were considered plentiful. However, irrespective of what state the economy is in, employers are always in search of quality graduates who not only have a good degree but who also have the ability to deal with the many challenges that are presented to them and who are constantly striving to improve themselves and the organisation they are part of.
Maynooth University advocates strongly that its students experience the 2 sides of the college experience, namely the academic aspect and the extra-curricular aspect. In positively engaging in both aspects of the Maynooth experience, it ensures that our students are setting themselves apart when they are competing against other graduates in the job market as well as adding to a vibrant campus. 
The Extra-Curricular Activities Award is an award scheme that aims to help you pull all these experiences together and help you stand out from the crowd. It recognises and accredits the skills and achievements of students engaged in all types of extra-curricular activities. It operates alongside your degree programme and aims to capture the benefits you have gained from your university life in terms of skills and experiences that you will find valuable in your future life and work.

For more information on this scheme please download the Information Booklet below:

  MU ECA Information Booklet 2017