Tom Browne

Global eCommerce Manager
Helsinki, Finland
BSc (Maths and Maths Physics)
Higher Diploma in Applied Physics

I use data analysis to measure who our most successful partners are. We use python for the data feeds. I also use quite a lot of softer skills such as presentation skill, influencing skills etc.

I started out with Logica as a software engineer, the work was not what I expected and I didn’t enjoy it so much. I decided to take an alternative path and got interested in data analysis, I found the analysis work fulfilling and challenging. I took a post with Trinity Biotech as a data analyst and worked my way up to becoming the DBA and analyst for the company. After a few years of gaining experience I became a Business Intelligence consultant working with various companies such as Toyota Ireland. Following on from the consultancy work I went back to a permanent role with Google as a BI Engineer, I worked at Google for two years and really enjoyed the experience and environment. Being surrounded by a lot of smart people really motivates and develops a person. I left Google (remuneration reasons) for a position with Full Tilt Poker as the Senior Payments Analyst, this involved activities such as Credit Card Fraud detection and various statistical analysis tasks. I spent three year with Full Tilt Poker before joining Nokia in 2010. My current role is as the Global eCommerce Manager based here in Helsinki Finland, it combines both business and technical skills.

My current role involves selling Nokia phone online via our partner sites. I coordinate with Nokia Partners (operators such as Vodafone, O2 and retailers such as Carphone Warehouse) and our technical team to ‘scrape’ live data from our partner sites. We present the Partner offers on the Nokia websites (here is the Irish website for example We are currently in 20 markets with over 100 partners so there is quite a bit of work in many time zones.

From a work point of view I find the mix of business and technology to be very interesting. Also I love working in an international environment as I am very interested in other cultures. I suppose the most challenging aspect would be communication, a lot of my communication is over the phone and via live office. It is more difficult to influence people when you are not in person.

(submitted August 2012)