Sven Grundmann

Research Assistant

I started studying sociology at Maynooth University in September 2010 as part of the ERASMUS exchange programme and really enjoyed it. I then returned to Frankfurt where I am finishing my MA degree in politicial science and philosophy. In November 2011 I started to work as a research associate at the NRW School of Governance (Department of Politics, University of Duisburg/Essen), where I conduct studies in ethics and political management and teach modules for undergraduate students . My studies at Maynooth have very much contributed to my choice of career and I am very happy to have chosen to study sociology there. I acquired many very useful skills in terms of social movements research and found the topics in 'Societies in Transition: Debating the big ideas' particularly interesting and enriching, especially due to the engagement of the staff. Therefore I would highly recommend studying sociology at Maynooth University.