Megan Brick

B.A Social Science graduate 2012

I started my academic journey at Maynooth University in 2009, graduating in 2012 with a degree in Social Science.

As a Leaving Cert student, I questioned my decision to undertake this degree but looking back now I can honestly say that I made the right one! Graduating in 2012, I had the urge to travel, and so I moved to Dubai. However, sociology as a discipline never escaped me but in fact provided me with huge groundwork in understanding the complexities of class, race and gender in particular. Every society is in constant flux and through studying sociology we are provided with the skills and tools necessary to imagine social change, while critically analysing and evaluating the world that we live in. Sociology at Maynooth University is offered and taught in a way that you won’t be able to forget too easily!

As sociology overlaps with a variety of disciplines in the study of society, it has allowed me to continue my studies as I embark on my next academic journey at UCD undertaking the Masters of Social Work.