Mary Harris

Postgrad Diploma in School Guidance and Counselling

Mary graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in School Guidance and Counselling at Maynooth University.  She started my studies in NUI Galway in 1992, where I did a BA in French and German followed by the HDip in Education.
From the moment Mary started teaching she loved the job with a passion. “Many people talk about how difficult teaching is, which is true but it is also one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs you can have. There is nothing like watching your students graduate from school, happy and having achieved their potential. Knowing you play a small part is a wonderful feeling”, according to Mary.
As the years passed, Mary considered returning to Education but was unsure how or where to begin. Fortunately, fate intervened in the form of Maynooth University who were recruiting teachers for a teaching and learning project called TL21. The project promoted innovative teaching and learning and Mary spent three years part time working on this, finishing with a MEd and an increased appetite for learning.
Mary had always been interested in the Guidance Counselling Service in schools and was active in pastoral care in her school. Education is more that academic achievement and the Guidance Counselling Department plays a huge part in pupils’ lives. She did a part-time evening course, again in Maynooth University, in basic Counselling Skills which she loved and it affirmed the decision she had made to go back as a full time student in the Postgraduate Diploma in School Guidance and Counselling (PGDSGC) programme.
Mary claims, “Being back in college is a privilege and a joy. There is an appreciation that didn’t exist for me first time round and I have embraced college life in every way. My classmates all have a background in teaching but the diversity in our experiences make for an interesting mix and adds to our learning experiences.”
The quality of teaching in the Education Department is excellent. They appreciate the difficulties  mature students face and are supportive in every way possible.