Margaret Kinsella

Ancient Classics

Motivated by a desire for further learning I began studying for a BA degree as a mature student in Maynooth University in 2005. As it was a long time since I had done any formal study I was quite apprehensive and not very confident. I was definitely challenged but with the direction and support of inspirational lecturers I graduated with a BA Honours degree in Ancient Classics and Celtic Studies in 2008. My real interest developed in Classics, which I attribute in no small way to the exceptional teaching staff, who are generous in devoting time to the needs of their students.  Studying Classics became a passion with me and in 2010 I graduated with an MA in Classical Studies, writing a dissertation under the excellent supervision of Dr Kieran McGroarty.
I really enjoyed the diversity of Classics, which includes all aspects of Greek and Roman civilization (Language, Philosophy, Literature, History, Art and Archaeology). I am proud of my achievements, which I did purely for my own satisfaction and fulfilment. A big thanks to all the wonderful motivational lecturers and friends who challenged and encouraged me, and for making my journey such an interesting and memorable experience. As a result of studying Classics I have become more reflective and critically aware. I really look forward to attending the Maynooth Classics Seminars and Classics Research Discussions, which are held once a month during each Semester. These seminars are extremely interesting; a paper is presented by a visiting lecturer or one of the Maynooth lecturers and is afterwards open for discussion.