Méabh Loughman

3U partnership
RCSI,DCU and Maynooth University
Bachelors of Electronic Engineering with Communications

The highlight of my time in Maynooth was the fantastic support from the staff and fellow students. There was never a time I felt I couldn't approach the staff in the Engineering Department for help.
I went to Morocco with the University's surf club not knowing very well any of the other students going but I ended up making amazing friends along the way.

MU Surf Club

The atmosphere on the campus is unlike any other; everyone is extraordinarily friendly, welcoming and supportive of one another.

Maynooth University has influenced my life by showing me that I want to pursue a career in the bio-medical technology sector. It also instilled a sense of academic confidence in me that I did have not before.

I would advise them to go for it! It's a great experience with so many opportunities available afterwards.

During my undergraduate degree, I worked for the Electric Supply Board (ESB) for 6 months as an intern. I am currently studying for a Masters of Electronic Engineering, specializing in healthcare technologies.

Visiting hospitals and being inspired by patients and their needs to work in the bio-technology sector

I am currently a postgraduate student.

I find the vastness of the bio-medical sector to be the most interesting. Electronics used in conjunction with medical treatment will continue to grow and improve, and it's something I'm really excited to be involved in.