Kirsty Doyle


I first became aware of Sociology in 2007 as part of my Bachelor of Arts Degree. I was fascinated by the subject and the lens with which it provided me to observe and research the stark inequalities and various problems in global societies. This enticed me to further my sociological studies and in 2011, I completed a Master’s Degree in Society and Space.

Sociology opened my eyes to the importance of politics, education and wealth within the power structures of our economy and government. It also made me aware of the fluidity and changing nature of these structures, something which I found inspirational. So, we can see where the inequalities and problems are? Yes. But we can also investigate and action change within these structures. With this in mind I carried out my Master’s thesis on Resistance to Neoliberalism and a case study of the Irish Taxi Industry. Located within the social movement, work, and neoliberalism literature, the findings provided an outline of what needs to be done in order for resistance to be effective.

Following on from my successful studies at Maynooth University, I have been awarded a scholarship by Waterford Institute of Technology to commence doctoral studies in September 2013. My topic will be Alcohol Related Public Order Offences in the Night-Time Economy. I truly loved my time at Maynooth University and I hope that I have the opportunity to work with the staff in the sociology department again in my professional career.