BBS in Entrepreneurship
CAO code: MH411


Level 8

Ireland is developing rapidly as an entrepreneurial economy.  More and more Irish people are now setting-up and managing their own businesses to the extent that these small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) are the engine of the Irish economy. Becoming an entrepreneur has, quite rightly become, a legitimate role model.  Entrepreneurs are considered to be the modern patriots and the wealth creators for the country.  The Government has set innovation, entrepreneurship and R&D as key priorities for investment. But, it’s not just Ireland.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship have been installed as central pillars of economic development by the EU and the US and, hence, there has rarely been a better time to prepare for a career as an entrepreneur.

As a student of Entrepreneurship, you will gain the expertise to develop and manage innovation in both start-up businesses and in established companies. You will also acquire key business skills in areas such as design and creativity, marketing, HR, finance, product development, intellectual property, business planning and venture capital fundraising. You will learn to think analytically and to communicate clearly and effectively.  These are skills that are immensely valuable in business both in Ireland and abroad.

While this course incorporates an emphasis on setting up and scaling new businesses; the skills can be equally effectively deployed in large, multinational, commercial or public service organisations.  The curriculum has been designed with input from businesses and the state enterprise development agencies.

There is an option to convert from a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) in Entrepreneurship to a BBA Bachelor of Business Administration by undertaking a work placement programme in third year, managed by the University’s Placement Office.