Project Team



Dr Morag Munro: Maynooth University EDTL Project Lead

Dr Morag Munro is the Maynooth University Project Lead for the IUA Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning Project and lecturer on Maynooth’s postgraduate diploma programme in HE Teaching, Learning and Assessment. Previous to her current role,  Morag was Educational Technology Officer in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Maynooth, where she provided support and guidance to staff in relation to digital technologies, learning, teaching and assessment, and co-ordinated and contributed to various learning and teaching development projects. Prior to joining Maynooth,  Morag worked at Dublin City University in roles as  Head  of the Learning Innovation Unit and Learning Technologist,  and at the University of Strathclyde as a  Learning Technologist. She also spent some time working in instructional design and project management in the commercial e‐learning sector. Morag holds a BEng in Chemical Engineering and an MSc in Energy Systems and Environment from the University of Strathclyde. Her Doctoral studies were completed at the University of Glasgow, and focused around a critical discourse analysis of neoliberal constructions of learning technologies in Higher Education.  Morag’s research interests include developing critical perspectives on educational technologies; design of inclusive curriculum and learning environments; critical discourse analysis of education policy; and promoting education for inclusivity, global citizenship and sustainability.

Dr Andreas D. Boldt: Maynooth University Student Digital Skills Officer

Dr Andreas Boldt

Dr Andreas D. Boldt is the Maynooth University Student Digital Skills Officer for the IUA Enhancing Digital Teaching and Learning Project. Previous to his current role, he taught with the German Department and worked with the Student Support Team in IT Services. He is a self-directed enthusiastic educator with a passionate commitment to student development. His teaching style is one of supporting and encouraging all learning styles, to find a method that is most beneficial to each individual. In 2011 Andreas completed his PGDHE with a study on how he could enhance his teaching to encourage class participation and thus, improving the overall learning experience.


Robyn Meyler: Maynooth University EDTL Project Intern, Faculty of Social Sciences 

Photo of Robyn Meyler

Robyn is a final year International Business Student in Maynooth University. 

She is working with the School of Business in Maynooth to promote student engagement with relevant news and academic sources. Robyn is passionate about promoting positive mental health for students and is an active student crisis helpline volunteer.  



Michaela Waters: Maynooth University EDTL Project Intern, EDTL project  

Photograph of Michaela Watters

Michaela is currently studying Business and Accounting in Maynooth University and is highly interested in student representation. She is active in Maynooth’s Student’s Union and enjoys volunteering at events. She is passionate about student engagement and wishes to empower students while they are learning online.   



Chris Abraham, Maynooth University EDTL Project Intern, EDTL project, Maynooth University Faculty of Science & Engineering 

Chris Abraham
Chris is currently studying Electronic Engineering at Maynooth University. He is passionate in the wellbeing of students, especially in regards to academic issues. He was part of a student led team in secondary school that conducted talks and presentations on topics such as mental health, student wellbeing, sexual identity and racism. He wishes to empower students to give their opinions on how to improve digital learning for themselves.

Aishling Gillen: Maynooth University EDTL Project Intern, Faculty of Social Sciences

Aishling Gillen, EDTL Intern
Aishling is the newest Maynooth University Intern. She is currently studying Maths and Chemistry alongside Education and is in her 3rd Year. She is passionate about teaching and learning strategies, especially with regard to using a blended approach of both online and in person teaching. Aishling is also involved in student representation and is keen on working towards encouraging students to have a say in their learning.

Previous Interns

Katharina Kurz: Maynooth University EDTL Project Intern, Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies & Philosophy 

Katharina Kurz is an international postgraduate student at Maynooth University. She recently completed her BA in Anthropology with credits in Philosophy, and is now doing her MA in Anthropology. She is currently conducting ethnographic research which focusses on teaching and learning in higher education during the pandemic. In her dissertation, she is especially interested in exploring the concepts ‘Awkwardness’ and ‘Alienation’ in the virtual classroom. Alongside her studies she works as a teaching assistant, research assistant and last but not least, she is a passionate member of the EDTL project. Her main interests lie in restorative practices, educational anthropology and positive psychology. Next to her academic work, she wholeheartedly enjoys singing and drawing, which are her main creative outlets.

EDTL Student-Staff Advisory Group

Nicole Carr (MSU Postgraduate Representative)
Eddie Corr (MSU Communications Manager)
Karla Doyle (Academic Representitive - 3rd Year Undergraduate English)
Susan Gottlöber (Lecturer - Philosophy)
Katharina Kurz (MU EDTL Intern)
Sabrina Marwede  (Academic Representitive - 3rd Year Undergraduate Astrophysics)
Robyn Meyler (MU EDTL Intern)
Morag Munro (MU EDTL Project Lead)
Julian Nagi (MSU VP Education) 
Michaela Waters (MU EDTL Intern)