Yinya Liu

Maynooth University
Teaching and education
PhD Philosophy

When I arrived in Ireland, it was my first time to travel abroad from China and study in a foreign country. The beautiful environment and buildings attracted me and the friendly welcome from both lecturers and students impressed me. I spent four years in Maynooth to pursue my doctoral degree, however these four years have made Maynooth as my second hometown. I have worked here, lived here and made friends here. After I graduated, I still worked for Maynooth University until now.

2010‐2011, Matthew O’Donnell Scholarship, Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth  
2009, Tutor’s Prize, Department of Philosophy, Maynooth University
2006‐2010: John & Pat Hume Scholarship, Maynooth University

MU provides comprehensive and flexible teaching and learning approaches to students. Students can learn knowledge and information efficiently from the lectures and can receive personalised advice from small group tutorials. MU also provides various assistances for international students as well as students with special needs.

When I pursued my doctoral degree, the Department of Philosophy kindly offered me opportunities to teach both tutorials and elective modules for both undergraduate students and postgraduate students. These are precious chances for me to improve my language skills, to know how to communicate with students, to be familiar with the higher education system in Ireland. All of this has paved the way for me to be a lecturer after I graduated.

If a student would like to do a doctoral degree in Philosophy at Maynooth University, I would advise him or her to find out the supervisor whose expertise could assist this student in his or her research interest. The university library could provide most of the research materials that he or she would need. And don’t miss the opportunities to attend various training sessions on both research skills and practical skills provided by different departments. You will equip yourselves as both a qualified researcher but also a good lecturer with all of this training.