Rachel Travers

Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant
Engage Education Ireland
Dublin City Centre
Teaching and education
Ancient Classics
BA Greek and Roman Civilisation and History
Masters in Classics

I had so many highlights in Maynooth that it is hard to pick one in particular. My lasting memories are of interesting Classical Studies lectures, meeting fascinating intelligent lecturers and making friends for life. 

I was part of the Classics society. I also went on the IIHSA Study tour to Greece - I highly recommend! 

The relationship that you build not only with your peers but with the lecturers is unique. The lecturers are always there for support and to answer any questions that you may have. The history of the University is interesting and there is a sense of community. Having attended another University after Maynooth, I believe that Maynooth is a more welcoming University. I think that this is important when students apply to University as it makes it easier to settle in initially. 

I completed my Undergraduate degree in 2010 and went on to study a Masters in Classics. If you have an interest in the Ancient World the Classics Department in Maynooth is the only place to look. I was looking to develop critical thinking, analysis, and independent research skills. I feel both the Undergraduate and the Masters offered me all of these things whilst also being part of a supportive group. I completed a Thesis during the Masters, and developed my writing skills; I am thankful for that today as my current position requires good communication and writing skills. 

I never would have thought when I was studying in Maynooth that I would work in a fast paced position in an Education Recruitment company. However the skills that I learned during the Undergraduate and Postgraduate transferred over in many ways to my current role. People asked me years ago - what's the point in studying Classics - where will that get you? I am now a trained teacher of History and Classical Studies, working in a fast paced dynamic recruitment role, traveling all over Ireland and throughout the UK whilst developing new skills to add to my CV. Ok, I am not in Greece translating ancient texts or excavating an ancient site but I am in a full time, permanent role. My advice would be to not get disheartened if you do not get the job you want straight out of college, everyone has to start somewhere.​ As the Greeks say καλή τύχη - good luck!