Nicola Brennan

Technology Analyst
Dublin, Ireland
IT and telecoms
BSc Applied Mathematics and Chemistry

The key skills I have taken away from my education at Maynooth are not purely from the subject matter of my degree, but from the experience overall.
Self-discipline – without mammy to make sure I did my homework, I became motivated to take control of my education and manage my life choices. This has stood to me in my career and day to day life.
Time management skills – ensuring my assignments were completed on time and learning to work towards a deadline.
Interpersonal skills – meeting people from all walks of life in Maynooth definitely developed my people skills which I use day to day in my work and personal life.
Problem solving – my degree exposed me to different types of problems and equipped me with techniques and approaches to find solutions.
Adaptability – through the breadth of experience gained at Maynooth I became more flexible and adaptable to change. I have found this useful in my work environment where my role can be quite fluid.

When I first decided to put Maynooth on my CAO application, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after college.
I picked a course that gave me as much variety in terms of modules and choice as possible.
I originally started in the Psychology through Science stream and transferred to Science  in my third year.
I would recommend my course to anyone who is considering Science because it allows you to try a lot of different subjects while giving you the flexibility to change paths and is a broad base if you choose to specialise later on.