Mark Greville

Bank of America
BA Maths & Economics

Having taken a self-described “circuitous” route to his current role as Director at Bank of America, Mark Greville today runs global risk analytics technology for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
However he is not a stereotypical Banker. Mark is a vocal advocate for hiring graduates who bring diverse perspectives, skills and experiences—and he hires accordingly.

“Sometimes taking that circuitous route is helpful, because a lot of what is successful in business is brought about by diversity—diversity of thought, diversity of background and lots of other things,” says Mark. “We hire people who have studied, art, geography, Irish but who ended up working in banking. The roundabout route can end up enriching you and the business you work for."

Mark’s own pathway includes studying Maths and Economics at Maynooth, jobs in software engineering writing code, start-ups including a building a social network, singing and songwriting (for a living!), and working in tech at BT in the UK before landing at Bank of America.

Today, he’s a globetrotting fin-techie whose role involves using cutting edge tech to calculate the risk on big portfolios, particularly US retail businesses.

“My background in maths and economics from Maynooth helped, and I had a lot of experience in technology. The crossover of technology and financial knowledge allowed me to move there and that’s how I ended up in banking—however unintentional it was.”