Giulia Borello

MA in Applied Cultural Analysis
University of Copenhagen
BA (International - Anthropology Single Honours)

The best experience I had in Maynooth was definitely linked to the writing of my BA thesis "Entering another House of Difference: Transfeminist Ac/rtivism in Granada", awarded as one of the Best theses of Maynooth's Anthropology Department. Thanks to the possibility of spending a year abroad, I conducted fiedwork in Granada, while being in contact with my supervisor, Thomas Strong. While writing my thesis not only did I have his thorough support, I also had support from Steve Coleman and Mark Maguire, who provided me with valuable insights and relevant readings. Their expertise and their kind availability were a great source of motivation, for both the BA project and the development of my academic career.

Thanks to the quality of my lectures, I found myself pleasantly engaged with my study material. In 2013, I was awarded first place in first year Philosophy Examinations. In 2016, along with other two fellow students, I was awarded the Best Thesis of Maynooth's Anthropology Department and I graduated with first-class honours. Since my first year in Maynooth University, I actively took part in the activities organised by Maynooth's Anthropology Society. Sharing the passion for my studies with fellow students was a great experience, that proved to be both interesting and fun.

Born and raised in Northern Italy, I decided to go to Maynooth University as it was the only Irish institution providing a full BA Single Honours Degree in Anthropology. Both my professors and the administrative staff were extremely helpful and supportive during and after the completion of my degree. Given the size of the University, I felt that the services provided were tailored for me as an individual, with my respective interests and concerns.

Studying Anthropology in Maynooth University has widened my horizons, in every possible sense. I acquired tools to understand people in their own terms, while approaching different cultures across the world. I could also appreciate the value of qualitative research, which is what I am focusing on at the moment, while studying at the University of Copenhagen.

My advice is taking advantage of the multiple possibilities offered by the institution. I would suggest engaging with fellow students through on campus societies. Also, I would advise you overcome shyness and meet with the faculty's professors, who seemed to me to be eager to share their passion for academic work with their students.