Understanding Islam - a one day conference exploring structures, spiritualities, politics and gender in Islam

Gaining a greater understanding of Islam at Maynooth.
Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 10:00 to 16:00
Renehan Hall

Prof Lejla Demiri
Dr Yazid Said 
Prof Anne Ryan

Gaining a greater understanding of Islam at Maynooth.
The increasingly complex situation in the Middle East and the role of sections of Islam in recent atrocities in Syria frequently makes headline news in the media. Political advisors, those working for peace, as well as academics, urge Western Governments and members of society to find ways of developing an understanding of the very varied, and often apparently contradictory worlds of Islam. With this in view St Patrick’s College, Maynooth and the Centre for Studies in Irish Protestantism, Dept of Adult and Community Education, Maynooth University, have come together to host a study day, on Saturday 25th April from 10-4, bringing together a number of experts to help us gain a deeper understanding of Islam. The day will be held at Renehan Hall on the old Campus of the University.

Presenters will include Prof Lejla Demiri, a Muslim woman and a scholar from Tubingen University, Germany, Dr Yazid Said, a Palestinian Anglican priest, and expert in Muslim thought, until recently working at the Mater Dei Institute, Dublin and Professor Anne Ryan of the Department of Adult and Community Education at Maynooth University who has spent many years working in Islamic countries. As well as input from this panel the day will also include spaces for discussion, sharing and question.

Registration:  (by the 18th April please) and further details to rita.edwards@mu.ie 
Cost:   €20, Concessions €10 (including teas/coffees)

*Please note that there will be no restrictions on parking on the South Campus on Saturday 25th April – the day of the Conference