Studying at Maynooth University this year

Our aim is to give you the best educational experience that we can in the upcoming semester.   We know that you value the interaction with lecturers and tutors, and the opportunity to share ideas with others in your class. While we will operate within restrictions designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will be working to ensure that your educational experience is as close to normal as we can make it.

We would like to return to our normal operation as soon as possible, but given our proximity to Dublin and current heightened restrictions in Dublin we have revised our teaching plans for the beginning of the semester and escalated protective measures to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We have moved more teaching online and are using technology to provide the best blended learning experience we can offer. We will revisit these measures as soon as is appropriate.

If you are a student, the implications for you are:

  • You will be on campus for practical classes, laboratories and small group teaching.

  • Larger classes will be delivered online and you will be expected to participate remotely.

  • Student societies will begin, but will not have in-person meetings for the moment.

  • Sports clubs may continue with outdoor training, but the gym will be closed for the moment.

  • The library, computer rooms and the study spaces around the campus will be open for you to study when on campus.

  • There will be catering facilities and social spaces open on campus.

  • We ask you not to come to the campus unless you need to, to avoid overcrowding of the campus.

  • We ask you to wear a face covering when indoors on campus, to wash your hands regularly and to observe the social distancing measures in place.

  • We ask you to avoid any social activity which is not compliant with the public health advice, on or off campus. 

 A guide for students

We have produced a guide for students which we hope will answer many of your questions about studying this year.  You can download a copy here:

Guide for students studying at Maynooth University in 2020-21 in response to Covid-19

This will be updated from time to time as the situation changes.

Timetable and time on campus

The provisional timetable for semester one is now available to view on the University’s Timetable viewer:
This timetable shows the day, time and venue of modules which are centrally scheduled (some additional tutorial or practical classes may be scheduled for your programme by your academic department). Provisional timetable information can also be viewed in the description for each module on Coursefinder.

As always, the timetable is subject to change as the number of students registered for each module changes, and so you should expect some changes after the start of the semester.

With the COVID measures in place, in many modules a rota system will operate, and you will be on campus for only a part of the timetabled time.   This will vary by module, depending on the size of the module, the topic, and the teaching method.  Specific information will be provided through Moodle (our virtual learning environment) for students in each module. 

You can get an indication of our plans in these two guides.  These show the amount of time on-campus we expect in each module when we return to the “level 2” operations in the Government Resilience and Recovery Plan.

First year students can download a guide here:
Time on Campus: Subject Guide for First Year Students  

Students in other years can download a guide here:
Expected on-campus teaching time for students (other than First year)

Guide for First Year Arts Students

We also have developed a Guide for students studying Arts through MH101 in 2020-21