Do not come to campus under any circumstances if you have any common symptoms of COVID-19 - follow the HSE guidelines

If you have COVID:  Do not come on campus, follow the HSE guidance for self-isolation here and University guidance here: What to do: COVID-19 suspected cases, confirmed cases and close contacts

Face Coverings:
As per HSE guidance, the legal requirement for wearing a face covering on public transport, in taxis, shops, schools and all other indoor public areas has been removed effective 28 February 2022. It is still recommended that face coverings be worn on public transport and healthcare settings. This means that it is no longer required to wear face coverings on campus, except when visiting the Student Health Centre.  However, to continue protecting the University community, especially those with underlying health conditions, the University still recommends face coverings in lecture theatres, libraries, tutorials, and labs. 
Teaching staff may ask students to wear face coverings where students work closely together, however it is not compulsory, in line with government guidelines, and students who do not wish to wear face coverings should not be excluded.  
If employees are concerned about the above, they should consider wearing a medical grade or FFP2 mask when on campus.
Staff who are medically vulnerable or a close contact are advised to wear a medical mask or a respirator (FFP2) mask.  These masks are available to employees from the student helpdesk in the John Hume building, and employees can choose which type they prefer to wear.
The HSE are advising that the FFP2 masks should not be reused for multiple days. Therefore, if an employee’s preference is FFP2 masks, the helpdesk will give them a pack of 10.

Limits on capacity
The limits on capacity in venues have been removed.  There are no longer limits to the numbers of people in teaching spaces, meeting rooms or at events. The consequences of this include:

  • The Library can return to normal capacity. 
  • Social seating for students can return to normal capacity.  
  • Staff meetings can resume on campus (see more guidance here).  
  • Non-essential events on campus, including book launches, seminars and guest lectures can also resume.   
  • The requirement for physical distancing in restaurants and other catering venues is removed, and these venues can return to normal capacity.
  • Staggered start times for lectures have been removed.

The University will retain a number of the measures:

  • Sanitisers in buildings.
  • Enhanced cleaning regime.
  • Increased ventilation in teaching spaces.
  • HEPA air filtration in the naturally ventilated teaching spaces and main meeting rooms.
  • Outdoor tents for additional social space for students. 

COVID certification
The requirement for a COVID cert for entry to venues has been removed.  This means that checking of COVID certs can end in catering venues and at events.
Signing in for contact tracing
The requirement to keep records of attendance for contact tracing purposes has ended.  This means that signing-in and use of the MU Check-In app are no longer required.  

Antigen tests
Antigen tests are available for MU staff. You can pick up a pack of three tests from the Student Help Desk in the John Hume Building, and can pick up additional tests each week if you need them.

To contact the University’s Covid Response Team
The Covid Response Team can be contacted by email This is monitored 7 days a week.
For on-campus issues, the Covid Response Team can be contacted on (01) 474 7999 from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday.  Outside of these hours, this number will be answered by Campus Security, who will be able to help with urgent on-campus issues.