The Maynooth Campus

The University campus is an open environment, and the campus grounds are not closed to public access (e.g walkers) while we operate at level 3. We urge all members of the public to take extra care in their activities, and to follow the guidelines carefully to reduce the risk of transmission.

Visitor policy

There is a general restriction on visitors to the Maynooth University buildings and facilities. However, where business critical visitors are required to attend the campus, a controlled access process is in place that requires visitors to fill in the Maynooth University Single Visit Form 3 days in advance of the requested date of access and await approval before attending.
University Heads of Department can request this form from the Return to Campus Office at

Public events

All events on campus during are cancelled for the time being.

Covid-19 positive cases reported to Maynooth University

The numbers reporting positive tests are:
5-11 October    11 students   0 staff
28 Sept - 5 October 2 students   0 staff