Interview with Dr. Yinya Liu

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 21:00

Helping students to acquire new skills and develop new interests

What distinguishes your department or programmes?
Chinese Studies at Maynooth University offers one of only two BA programmes in Chinese Studies available in Ireland. The MA in Chinese Studies aims to provide students who already have a background in Chinese language and culture at undergraduate level with an opportunity to specialize in the area of cultural and literary analysis with particular emphasis on the conflict and communication within the Sinosphere (mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) and between China and the West.

Why pick Maynooth University for postgraduate studies?
Maynooth University values the importance of research, thus we offer small class sizes and one-to-one guidance. In Chinese Studies, students will work closely with their supervisors on their research topics and will achieve good performance both in their language proficiency as well as in their academic, analytical, creative, reflective and presentation skills

What opportunities do you think are available after completing a postgrad within your discipline?
Students can continue to pursue their doctoral studies in relevant areas. They also can be translators or interpreters for international employers. They can work as a foreign consultant in fields like international business or politics that are related to Chinese markets.

Tell us about an interesting postgraduate research project that you are involved in?
One of our postgraduate students is conducting a research project on Belt and Road Initiative, which was proposed on building of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. This initiative focuses on developing a bridge for connecting different countries and regions and aims to bring tangible benefits to local economic and social development.

Are there any postgraduate international collaboration opportunities available with your department? Are you working on any project with other universities?
Yes, Maynooth University has signed bilateral agreements with fourteen Chinese universities. Opportunities would be available to our postgraduate students to conduct research projects with researchers from these universities.

What makes a successful postgrad student?
For a successful postgraduate students majored in Chinese Studies, he or she would have better knowledge and understanding of important concepts of Chinese languages, literatures, cultures and societies, in particular with regard to mainland China. All of these would help this student to be ready for work or further research.

How do you support new postgrad students?
We will organize regular meetings and seminars for them to discuss and share ideas in order to have better mutual understanding on their research theme. All of these will guarantee that students would have enough space to develop their originality and their research.

Why are you positive for the future?
Knowing Chinese language, culture and society will help our students to acquire new skills and develop new interests that could be of considerable value to them in their future career and enable them to be more competitive in the global market.

Are there any exciting developments in the future that might affect your department, research, education or postgrads?
We are promoting our PhD programme for the prospective students from all over the world. All are welcome to consider our department for their doctoral studies.