It is not uncommon to feel a little daunted by the thought of studying at university, as making the move to higher education will be a major step in your life. Although you may already feel prepared to complete many of the academic tasks in your first year, there may be some tasks that will be entirely new to you; activities such as referencing, finding and using academic sources to inform your assignments, planning your time to study independently, or going to lectures and tutorials.
Student Plus can provide you with exactly the type of useful information, support and advice that will help you to get started, to feel more confident and ready to succeed in your first year at Maynooth University and beyond!
What is Student Plus?
Student Plus is a free, academic skills course for first year students. The sessions are designed to help you develop the skills that will enable you to learn more effectively during your time here at Maynooth University and in your future life after university.  
There are two different ways in which you can take part in Student Plus:
Student Plus
One option is to come along to the face-to-face Student Plus sessions that are held in the Library at Maynooth University. Please click on the link on the right hand side of the screen (underneath the Further Information menu) for more details about the Student Plus course.

Student Plus will be running in Semester 1 of the 2017/18 academic year.
Online Student Plus
Another option is to participate in the Online Student Plus course where you attend a small number of campus-based sessions, but the majority of sessions are virtual sessions whereby all that is needed to take part in these sessions is access to a computer and an Internet connection. Click for further details about the Online Student Plus course.