Teaching and Learning Approach
Participants will be required to engage in cross-disciplinary discussions and activities and will apply their learning to their own current and future tutor/demonstrator/teaching contexts. The core learning happens through reflection on their own practice of tutoring and demonstrating across the duration of the course and participants are expected to discuss how they use and test out course learning through class discussion and course assessments. Course attendance and engagement is, therefore, crucial to the learning in this course. 

The course also includes a Peer Observation assessment for learning element where participant pair up and observe each other in one real life teaching session and give each other critical feedback through a peer observation process which they later reflect upon in their assessment

Assessment Approach
The course is assessed by continuous assessment and marked on a Pass/Review basis and taking into account course attendance. Assessments focus on planning, observing and reflecting on course topics in the context of participants' own teaching practice.   Participants will receive feedback on assignment elements.


This is an accredited course and participants are required to attend all of the timetabled sessions. A record will be maintained to monitor attendance and unsatisfactory attendance may impact on successful completion of the course.