Teaching and Learning Fellowship Celebration

Fellowship Awardees 2022
Monday, November 21, 2022 - 12:30

Colleagues from across all three faculties met on Friday 28th October to celebrate being awarded a Teaching and Learning Fellowship. The Fellowship celebration recognised Fellows from the Team Teaching Fellowship Awards of 2020 and from the current Teaching and Learning Fellowship 2022-23. Eighteen Fellowship projects were presented on the day, from a total of 78 colleagues, across over 20 departments, all 3 faculties and 1 professional services team.
At the event, Fellows enjoyed meeting each other and learning about the teaching and learning enhancement work that they are involved in across campus. The Fellowship themes of Inspirational Teaching for Student Success (2020) and Enabling Student Success through collaboration and partnership (2022-23), were conveyed in the project descriptions presented on the day and experienced in the collegial and convivial tone of the event. Lisa O’Regan, Head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, which manages the Fellowship process, congratulated all the colleagues who had been awarded Fellowships and highlighted the importance of the Teaching and Learning Fellowships in recognising and supporting excellence and innovation in teaching at learning. Michael Kenny, 2020 Fellow, referred to the Fellowships as ‘an alchemical agent that enables us to discover the ‘magic potion’ ingredients that make our teaching the best it can be, so that we can provide our students the best teaching experience possible’.
A list of the Teaching and Learning Fellows 2022 – 23 is available here.
The Fellowships have been running in Maynooth University since 2011. With the Fellowships, Maynooth University’s supports teaching and learning development, recognises staff commitment to teaching and learning, and enhances the student learning experience. The Fellowships build institutional capacity, contribute to professional development, acknowledge and celebrate staff, and inspire and motivate students.
Information about the Fellowships is available here, including a list of all current and previous Teaching and Learning Fellows.

Below are the Fellowship Awardees for 2020.