2020 Spark Initiative - Change One Thing and Do it Well​ 

The Spark Initiative was part of the 2020 Teaching Innovation Fund, and was funded by the Strategic Alignment of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund in Higher Education 2019.

The aim of the SPARK initiative was to support teaching staff engaged in any aspect of teaching across the University in implementing small-scale teaching and learning projects from between €250 and €1,000. Recipients of funding responded to an application process that encouraged the participation of students in both the project design and implementation and this is evident in many of the projects outlined in the SPARK report.

The theme for the Spark Initiative was ‘Change one thing and do it well’ and the idea was that projects would aim to make a small change to a teaching, learning or assessment approach that would be informed by literature or recognised good practice and would demonstrate how the initiative would impact teaching and learning practice.

Project participants showcased their findings and impact of projects in an online event in May 2021.

The SPARK report below presents detailed outcomes and impact of each initiative and offers innovative approaches to teaching and learning that could be applied across other disciplines or teaching and learning contexts.

SPARK Initiative Report - Change One Thing and Do It Well:  SPARK Initiative Report