The Woodman Diary is a digital edition of the World War I diary of Albert “Bert” Woodman, an Irishman of Anglo-Protestant descent who served as a telegrapher and signaler in the “L” Signal Company of the Royal Engineers. The project was initiated as part of the 2014-2015 MA in Digital Humanities at Maynooth University by members of the Digital Scholarly Editing module under the supervision of Professor Susan Schreibman. The diary itself was provided by Joyce Timms, granddaughter of diary author Albert Woodman. From January to November of 1918, Albert Woodman faithfully and carefully recounted his experiences as a soldier stationed in Dunkirk, France. Supplemented with historical background and context, this digital edition of The Woodman Diary offers a fascinating first-person account of life on the Western Front in the last months of the First World War.

Project Team under the supervision of Prof. Susan Schreibman
Meredith Dabek
Noel Groome
Richard Hadden
Shane A. McGarry
Nathan Murphy
Neale Rooney
Joshua D. Savage
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