David Reynolds

Banking, insurance and financial services
Computer Science
BSc. Computer Science and Mathematics
MSc. Computer Science

Leadership, collaboration and teamwork - skills I am still developing today.

I have worked in the Management Consulting industry since graduating and have plotted my career carefully to try and gain experience working for small Irish consultancies as well as the larger international players. I recently made partner at Deloitte.

Running a large consulting business with over 400 staff, setting corporate strategy and the vision for the future, leading large scale client delivery projects and most importantly, developing our people, at all levels.

The variety of client work, from the subject matter to the different cultures and approaches of our clients. It means there is a new challenge nearly every day and this variety really keeps the work interesting.

A previous colleague of mine joined Deloitte and encouraged me to join also.

Don't leave things to chance. Carefully research your options and talk to people who work in the areas you are interested in. This will provide better perspective on what might be the best fit for you.