Attractive student social and recreation spaces on campus contribute to developing the student experience, which in turn promotes student engagement. 

A design was submitted to the local authorities for a new Student Centre to act as a hub for MSU, clubs, societies, events and the variety of activities that create that special sense of belonging at Maynooth University. The distinctive architecture and facilities will deliver a unique destination on campus that offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for our students. Construction will commence in the coming months and the target building opening date is late 2022

The University is host to a wealth of arts and cultural activities which spring from and are intimately connected to our research and teaching. The University intends to further animate the intellectual and cultural life of the campus and the wider region through deeper engagement with the arts. Plans are being prepared to develop a suite of cultural engagement spaces centred on the Lyreen riverside but also distributed across the campus. Over time, this will serve the entire campus community and attract local, regional, national and international partners and visitors.

In the interim, the University has advanced a programme of works to enhance student social spaces across the campus, including the provision of additional furniture, power and data within the Bioscience, Callan, Eolas, Iontas, Library, Phoenix and Student Centre buildings.

Participation in sports gives students powerful opportunities to develop their leadership and teamwork skills that last a lifetime, while adding to their social experience while at university. The University plans to deliver a range of new and improved sports and recreation facilities, in tandem with an active programme of events and support services, to create a healthy and holistic campus experience for students, staff and the wider community.  

The recent installation of floodlights on existing pitches is an initial phase which will enhance the student experience by extending the availability of the existing pitches for more effective use during term time, and particularly during the extended dark evenings of winter. Plans also are being prepared for the development of additional pitch, gymnasium and changing facilities.