The development of a sustainable, accessible and biodiverse rich public realm will create an attractive amenity space which will open up the University campus and excite future generations of students to participate in higher education. 

MU commissioned design services in April 2018 to develop a public realm landscape design which will strengthen the links both externally with Maynooth Town and internally between the heritage rich south campus and the more modern north end of the campus. 

The creation of a coherent pedestrian and cyclist friendly network will promote more sustainable campus commuting patterns; while the development of a campus trail for walking, running, jogging and community use will raise the profile of the University as a local and regional resource. 

Next steps include the preparation of a phased design solution for University Square (between the John Hume Building and the Arts Block) and the Kilcock Road super-crossing which could be implemented over the next three to five years and may incorporate a series of water features, biodiversity and other sustainable design measures.