International Students:

EU students who are currently registered with  Maynooth University or St Patrick's College are entitled to free medical consultations and usually, free prescriptions in Ireland with the E111, E109 and E128 and European health cards. As the Student Health Centre is not a general medical services (GMS) practice, students have to pay for any prescriptions received in the Student Health Centre on presentation of their prescription to the pharmacist.Contact the Student Health Centre for the names of doctors who offer a GMS service and for any further information.

UK students are entitled to free medical consultations and usually free prescriptions when they attend a registered GMS practice in Ireland. They need to present with either a NHS card and number or a European Health Card.  However, the Student Health Centre is not a GMS practice and to obtain free prescriptions students will have to attend a doctor outside this practice.

International students other than EU and UK students, have no medical card entitlements here. Under the Department of Justice regulations issued in June 1998, all non E.U. students are required to have full private medical insurance.

Registered overseas students of Maynooth University and St. Patrick's College are eligible to receive free consultations in the Student Health Centre. Please note that there are charges for some services.

Note: All International students under the age of 23 are strongly recommended to have the Meningitis C vaccine before arriving in Ireland.