​Chaplaincy is part of the Student Services team. Chaplaincy is here to support students as they journey through university life in a number of different ways:

  • A non-judgemntal listening ear to talk to throughout the year
  • Support in times of bereavement and personal difficulty
  • Help in dealing with study issues and exam pressures
  • Pastoral Counselling - Helping you understand your own journey as a person
  • General information and referral to other services on campus such as the Student Budgeting, Sport, Health Centre and Counselling
  • Links with groups and organisations off campus such as Aware, Samaritans, Jigsaw, St Vincent de Paul and Pieta House
  • Faith / Spiritual conversation and exploration
  • Accompaniment at happy moments - graduations, campus celebrations
  • Personal enrichment and reflection opportunities such as Yoga / Meditation Classes & Retreats
  • Support for the many Clubs and Societies on campus which are run by students for students

You can contact the Chaplain from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday throughout the academic year. The Chaplain's office is Room 49 in the Arts Block on the North Campus.
Tel: 01 708 3469 or Email: Chaplaincy@mu.ie