Chaplaincy is a support for students throughout their University journey. Whether it is around campus, at events throughout the year or within the Chaplaincy office, Chaplaincy offers a friendly, non-judgemental ear to anyone who wants it. Chaplaincy is here for those of all faiths and none. 


The Chaplain’s door is always open for anyone who needs to talk. Conversation can be a tool to help discover and overcome difficult times. Whatever the topic, the Chaplain will always be there for those conversations. Depending on your needs, the Chaplain can help you source and reach out to additional supports if they are needed.


Part of life in university is sharing in the faith community that is our fellow students and staff. The Chaplain can help you integrate into these communities. Chaplaincy is always keen to get to know the vast arrays of groups on campus but above all, it’s in our contact and interaction together that we can create a strong community. It is this community that can be a real source of strength and nourishment as you journey through life on campus.


“As I have loved you, so you must love one another”. These words of faith inspire us to care and respect one another. Sharing in concern for others in need within society, the environment, themes under social justice including human rights is part of the role of Chaplaincy. Chaplaincy is here to nourish and facilitate this compassion and we encourage you to not only feel concern but take action where possible on campus within various societies and acts of charity.


Life at university brings many questions around life. For many of us it’s the first time away from home and our ideas on life, faith and meaning can be awakened properly for the first time. Chaplaincy offers you a safe space to explore these ideas and ask those questions whatever they are. The Chaplain does not have the answers but can journey with you while you come to your own conclusions.