Run by Students for Students

Clubs and Societies are the lifeblood of student activity on campus. Clubs (Sporting) and Societies (Non-Sporting) are groups run by students for the benefit of their fellow students. The University Capitation Committee, which has staff and students members, oversees the administration and funding of all officially recognised clubs and societies on campus.

There are a wide variety of  groups to get involved with during your time on campus. It is opportunity to enhance your experience in University and develop new skills like financial planning, events planning, health & safety, etc. thus ensuring you are well prepared for the working world. As well as being a welcome break from academic studies, clubs and societies are also a great way of meeting friends and having fun.

Where to go

The Student Centre and Sports Centre buildings on the North Campus are the focal points for over 30 clubs and 60 societies and there is something to suit everybody. If for some reason there is an activity that is not represented here on campus then contact the Student Engagement Officer in the Students Services Centre or the Sports Officer in the Sports Centre who will advise and help you start your own club or society.

We look forward to seeing you here and contributing to the great campus experience!


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