Self-Help Resources for Students during Covid-19

Counselling Service Available for Phone Consultations - please feel free to contact us


Protocol for Phone Consultations

Due to the Covid-19 college closure and the requirement for all services to work remotely the Counselling Service will be conducting phone consultations with students in place of face to face appointments. If you have arranged a phone consultation, please note the following guidelines:

· Please honour the time set aside for you by making sure you are free to take the call;

· Please ensure that you can do so in a private and confidential setting;

· Please ensure your phone is fully charged;

· If the reception is poor the call may need to end and be rescheduled for another time;

· If you have arranged a time but are unable to take the call please cancel using this link;

· You can reschedule another call by sending a request via the Call Back Facility;

· The Receptionist will contact you to reschedule another time/day;

· Phone consultations are generally 30 minutes in duration;

· Please note that the counsellor will need to gather some personal details at the start of each call;

· You are welcome to schedule a follow-up phone consultation with the Counsellor if desired;

· Please note the principles of Confidentiality still apply to phone consultations;

· Please read the Confidentiality policy prior to engaging with the call;

· Your counsellor will explain any queries you may have in relation to confidentiality;

· All phone consultations will be conducted in confidence, in private settings and all personal information will be held securely on the Service database as per usual;

· Please ensure you have some support nearby or at hand following your call if needs be.

Please stay safe and take care during this time. 

Best wishes,
The Counselling Team