The Marie Curie Laboratory for Membrane Proteins

Biological membranes are the point of contact between living cells and the environment, and the proteins embedded in them mediate a wide range of processes including nutrient transport, and the signaling actions of hormones and drugs. The techniques needed to investigate membrane proteins are hugely important for investigations ranging from fundamental studies on structure and cellular biology, to exciting humanitarian and commercial applications in arenas such as drug discovery and delivery, and the emergent field of biosensors.
The Marie Curie Laboratory for Membrane Proteinslaboratory is dedicated to the application of these techniques in the study of a range of systems important to human biology.

Funding Sources

The laboratory of Membrane Proteins was set up with an award from the EC (TOK with Prof. Philip Dix  and Prof. John Findlay as supervisors) and a grant-in-aid from Maynooth University.
Since then, further research income has been obtained from Enterprise IrelandScience Foundation Ireland and the European Commission (IAPP) in the areas outlined. In addition independent fellows have joined the Laboratory with funding provided by IRCSET and the Health Research Board.