Registration for Postgraduate Students

First Year Postgraduates will register on-line remotely this year.  All accepted postgraduates on PAC will be emailed registration instructions in August.  All first Year Postgraduate Students are also then required to come on campus at a designated date and time slot to complete a Registration and Documentation Verification and to obtain your Maynooth University Student MyCard. Each programme and student has been assigned a designated date and time slot for Registration Verification.  This will be printed on your e-mail.
The Registration Verification process for postgraduate students will take place before term commences so therefore, the majority of postgraduate students will be registered and have access to Moodle well in advance of the commencement of their course. 
There will be a fine of €100 for any student who fails to make their assigned slot.

Continuing students’ remote on-line registration will open at a slightly later date.

All Postgraduate students (except Maynooth University Graduates) are required to produce either a Birth certificate or Valid Passport and Proof / Date of Conferring of Primary degree for registration (in the form of your Graduation Parchment or Academic Record as long as it details the date of conferring from College/University). Originals or Certified copies of Original Documents! Note: Documents in languages other than English and Latin must be accompanied with an official translation.
Students wishing to register in their married name must also either produce a state marriage certificate or have their married name on their Passport. Note: Driving licences are not acceptable.

PhD students do NOT have to register for specific modules at registration - but you will have to select modules for the coming academic year and register for them by the end of October.