Anthropology Seminar Series, Dr Joseph Weiss, Wesleyan University

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Tuesday, December 7, 2021 - 17:00 to 19:00

Dr Joseph Weiss, Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University

‘Settler Shock: Colonial Fetishism and the Disavowal of Violence in Contemporary Canada’

This is an Online Event.  Please click link below to join.

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Joseph Weiss is assistant professor of Anthropology and affiliate faculty in Science in Society at Wesleyan University. His work explores the intersections between time, ecology, settler colonialism, Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination. Dr. Weiss' first book, Shaping the Future on Haida Gwaii: Life Beyond Settler Colonialism (University of British Columbia Press, 2018), i explores how the Indigenous Haida Nation in Western Canada addresses political and social change through a series of different future-oriented cultural strategies. He is currently at work on a second book, tentatively titled Against Occupation Fetishism: Indigenous Refusals of the Erasures of Settler Colonialism, which examines how colonial violence against Indigenous Peoples is disavowed in settler society and, concomitantly, the ways in which Indigenous Nations refuse this erasure.