Classics NOW Festival (2024) The Future of the Past

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - 16:00

Following the success of its third festival in 2023, Classics Now Festival 2024 will showcase the current burst of exploration and re-engagement with Classics and the ancient world. Artists, writers and thinkers, international and Irish, are taking Classics as a lens to examine our contemporary cultural and political preoccupations and challenges.

This three-day programme in February will present a series of inviting encounters including performances and readings, both online and live, in public spaces - art galleries and cultural centres - with a number of events aimed at second and third-level students. In discussions, interviews, film screenings, musical theatre performances and exhibitions, you will see and hear from artists who are working in different genres and art forms, in thought-provoking and imaginative ways.

Among the programme 2024 highlights, we might note the online conversation between Emily Wilson and Charlotte Higgins on the enduring appeal of Homer's Illiad. Still available to view on the Classics NOW You Tube page: