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  • Options you may wish to consider in your search for accommodation
  • Resources  you are welcome to use, with tips for finding and managing your accommodation  
  • Maynooth University Student Pad Listing Service to help you identify places to live.

There is high demand in the Maynooth student accommodation market and it is advisable to consider all options, use all resources including our listing service and expect that finding suitable accommodation will be time consuming and competitive, in particular for 7 day placements and accommodations located close to the University. 



                   Prospective Incoming First Year Student Notice


2017/2018 Prospective First Year Students who receive an offer through CAO of an academic place at Maynooth University or St Patrick's College, Maynooth will be communicated with by email on Monday 21st August 2017 at approximately 3.00pm. The email will provide detail of the www.MaynoothStudentpad.ie online accommodation listings and provide details for you to log into this system.

The advertisements for accommodation will be available to view from 22nd August 2017.

It is likely that you will want to review the listings first and make some appointments with landlords before you travel to Maynooth.


                                       Landlord Notice

The next advertising period is for incoming First Year Students for the Academic Year 17/18.  The adverts for incoming First Year Students will be activated on 22nd August 2017 (following the release of the CAO offers on 21st August).  Your advert should be ready to activate on 22nd August 2017 when this group of students will begin their search for accommodation.  If you are considering registering as a Landlord for the first time, please visit www.MaynoothStudentpad.ie and register online as a Landlord.  


         Accommodation Information for

             Academic Year 2017 / 2018


  • Erasmus Students: Erasmus students are International Students that attend Maynooth University for either one semester or one full academic year as part of their home University course. As Erasmus students are visiting from overseas, they require 7 days accommodation.
  • Continuing Students: 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students. Some students will require 5 days accommodation from Monday to Friday and others will require 7 days accommodation. It is common for some continuing students to opt for 5 days accommodation and avail of a weekend stay from time to time - usually during examination periods. 
  • First Year Students: Incoming first year students who will be attending Maynooth University for the first time. They will require either 5 days accommodation or 7 days accommodation. Similar to continuing students, it is common to opt for 5 day accommodation and avail of a weekend stay during examination periods.

Please note Maynooth University offers the Maynooth Studentpad site in good faith and is intended for general information purposes and should not be relied upon as the basis for making any decision. It is offered as a courtesy to both students and local landlords. Please be aware that the properties have not been inspected by the University and University does not carry out Garda Vetting on prospective landlords. You should note, we do not retain information on the performance of these accommodations year to year.


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