We are launching a new accommodation option for first years in 2018-2019. It is a First Years Quiet Zone of 45 rooms in River Apartments Erne. If you have an interest in living in the First Years Quiet Zone (FYQZ) please read on.

The ethos of The Quiet Zone is study focused, low alcohol, and low noise among like minded students. There has been a Quiet Zone on Campus for Continuing Students since 2014 which has been very successful for its residents. The ethos is mainly student driven and student preserved so only those students who want such a living environment should apply.

To offer rooms in the FYQZ  we will open an online Expression of Interest for FYQZ.  This will ask for some personal details, ask you to accept terms and conditions and open up to a questionnaire about the house rules of Living on Maynooth Campus. There will be no payment/booking fee requested at the Expression of Interest stage.  All the answers to the questionnaire can be found on our website. It will take about 20 minutes to complete. You will also be asked to make a statement about why you feel the FYQZ suits your needs. 

Expressions of Interest will open online (on this page of the accommodation web site - see below) in early December 2017 (after the November 2017 Open Day) and will close on 30 March 2018 at 5pm.  Your interest will be registered once you complete and submit the expression of interest form. No email, paper, drop in or any other form of  expression of interest can be processed or accepted.  If we receive more expressions of interest than rooms available we will email during April all those who expressed an interest (date to be confirmed but  it will be during the week 2-6 April 2018 if it becomes necessary) to invite  you to book a room on a first come first served basis. At booking a room stage a booking fee will be required. The first 45 eligible bookers (to be eligible you must have completed the Expression of Interest) on the day will have a valid room booking until CAO Round 1 offers are made in August 2018. Bookings will be confirmed to those who hold a CAO offer for Maynooth and cancelled for those who have no offer at CAO Round 1 and a full refund of all fees paid to date will be made in October 2018. 
Those who have made an Expression of Interest but who are not in the first 45 room bookers will have the option to book a room on campus in the general offering of rooms (not quiet zone rooms) to  First Years on 2 May 2018 at 12 noon.

If any of the 45 rooms booked in the FYQZ are cancelled in August after the CAO offers Round 1 those who already submitted a Expression of Interest will be invited to book these vacant rooms on a first come first served basis during August 2018.

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST LINK (opens 24th November 2017)