We are launching a new accommodation option for first years in 2018-2019. It is a First Years Quiet Zone of 35 rooms in River Apartments Erne. If we have sufficient demand from first year students it will go ahead. If you have an interest in living in the First Years Quiet Zone (FYQZ) please read on.

What is the First Year Quiet Zone?
The First Year Quiet Zone will be based in River Erne Halls which consists of 7 apartments with 5 bedrooms in each -  all rooms are single with bathroom en-suite (total cost per room per academic year €6100). Erne Halls are in the heart of the Campus residential area on the North Campus. Only First Years will live in this House. Apartments will have male and female residents.  Students who choose to live in this zone must become a full time registered student of Maynooth University or St Patrick's College Maynooth and must be able to live independently without assistance from fellow residents or the University. The ethos of The Quiet Zone is study focused, low alcohol, clean, and low noise among like minded students. It should be understood that the house rules are the same in the FYQZ as everywhere else and no additional enforcement (other than the guest facility) will be undertaken. There has been a Quiet Zone on Maynooth Campus for Continuing Students since 2014  (this will remain separate to the FYQZ) which has been very successful for its residents (95% satisfaction rating in recent survey of residents). The ethos is maintained and managed by the community of students who live there with no additional rules or monitoring from the Accommodation Office. It works well because it is student driven and student preserved so only those students who want such a living environment should apply.   The one exception to this is that in the First Year Quiet Zone (FYQZ) there will be no guests/visitors allowed in the apartments after 7pm in the evening unless the guest has been signed in and authorised in advance - usually giving a few days notice for a reason such as a study group meeting for example. We have found that students find it more difficult to manage the behaviour of guests. When there is noise it is often because of too many guests or guests who get out of control of the host student which in turn disturbs other resident's enjoyment of their place of residence. This one difference from the normal regulations is put in place to assist FYQZ residents to regulate their own environment more easily.  

How do I get a Room in the First Year Quiet Zone?

To offer rooms in the FYQZ  we ask that you complete an  E-Module about the house rules of Living on Maynooth Campus. All the answers to the questionnaire can be found on our website.  Once complete you  will then be asked to complete an online Expression of Interest for FYQZ.  This will ask for some personal details, ask you to accept terms and conditions but please note there will be no payment/booking fee requested at the Expression of Interest stage.  It will take about 10 minutes in total to complete both the E-Module and the Expression of Interest.  On the Expression of Interest you will be asked to make a statement about why you feel the FYQZ suits your needs and some shortlisting may be applied to expressions of interest where the reasons given do not fit with the ethos of the Quiet Zone.

Expressions of Interest will open online (on this page of the accommodation web site - see below) on 27 November 2017 (after the November 2017 Open Days) and will close on 30 March 2018.   Your interest will be registered once you have completed and submited the E-Module and the Expression of Interest Forms. If for any reason you are not shortlisted we will inform you by email giving you the reason why.  Only the prescribed "Expression of Interest for First Year Quiet Zone Form and E-Module"  will be accepted and no other form such as email, paper, drop in or any other form of expression of interest can be processed or accepted. Those who have submitted their interest for this FYQZ before the closing date will be given access to book their rooms on 27th April 2018.  


On 3 April we will re-opened the FYQZ for those who wish to express an interest. Those who register their interest from 3 April will have their interest noted in order of date and time of receipt of your form. If there are rooms available in the FYQZ in August after the CAO round 1 offers are made we will offer those FYQZ rooms in order of receipt of your Expression of Interest received from 3 April 2018. The link to express your interest will remain open until there are sufficient to fill the FYQZ rooms and a short waiting list (10 students). THIS IS NOW CLOSED

How will the Booking and Payments work?

Its a similar process to the general offering of rooms to First Years on 2 May 2018. At "booking a room stage" a booking fee of €450 will be required and this will double as your payment for Utilities for the full year. It will be refundable (October 2018) if you do not accept or get offered a full time academic place in Round 1 CAO Offers in August 2018.  The first 45 eligible bookers (to be eligible you must have completed a valid Expression of Interest) will have a valid room booking until CAO Round 1 offers are made in August 2018. Bookings will be confirmed to those who hold a CAO offer for Maynooth  (Maynooth University and/or St Patrick's College Maynooth) and cancelled for those who have no offer at CAO Round 1 and a full refund of all fees paid to date will be made in October 2018. 
Those who have made an Expression of Interest after the closing date in March 2018 will have the option to book a room in the FYQZ on 21 August 2018 at 12 noon and you will receive an email with the link to book late on 20th August.