Technology Transition Programme


As a student in 2020, technology is going to be central to your success at university. To help to prepare you, the Maynooth University Access Programme invites you to attend the Technology Transition Programme (TTP).  These are fun group online sessions designed to introduce you to some of the technologies available to guide you through the academic environment.  Each TTP session runs for about 45 minutes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, accessible on mobile and desktop through Microsoft Teams (Google Chrome preferable). You can attend any and all of the sessions below, and come along multiple times to any topic if you'd like to refresh your learning. The JOIN links will be active from a week before so return to this page to join the additional upcoming sessions that suit your availability. 

  • 11am: Maynooth Online. Learn how to access your Office 365 college email, access your course content in Teams and Moodle, store your documents and engage with your classmates.
    Maynooth Online Video Recording 
  • 12pm: Learn to Learn. Find out about resources that can assist with notetaking in lectures, with completing your readings, researching and tracking your library searches.
     Learn to Learn Video Recording
  • 2pm: Student Strategies. Key strategic tools are introduced to help you to manage your timetable, organise yourself and improve your memory with helpful tips and apps.
    Student Strategies Video Recording


For any questions about using technology in your studies, email