Step 1 Meet with the Student Budgeting Advisor
Step 2 Gather your Supporting Documents
Step 3 Upload your Supporting Documents
Step 4 Register your Bank Details
Step 5 Outcome
Closing Dates Confidentiality  
Criteria Payment Appeals

Step 1 Meet with the Student Budgeting Advisor

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You must first make an appointment to meet with the Student Budgeting Advisor (SBA). You will be asked to fill in an online form and provide financial and household information. Some of this information is required for research purposes only. Based on the information you submit, the SBA will get an accurate picture of your own individual circumstances and give you appropriate advice, including a recommendation on whether or not you should apply to the SAF.


Step 2 Gather Your Supporting Documents

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If you are recommended to apply to the Student Assistance Fund (SAF), you will be sent a link by email to the online SAF application form and a link to upload supporting documentation. The Student Budgeting Advisor can give you a list of the documents you may need to provide or click on the MU SAF Documents Checklist 1819. Your application to the SAF is only complete when you have provided all the documentation outlined in the MU SAF Documents Checklist 1819.

Please note that where the required documentation belongs to parent/partner or guardian, you must upload a signed SAF Data Consent Form


Step 3 Upload your Supporting Documents

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You must upload your documents online. You will be provided with a link for uploading your documents. Your documentation will be uploaded onto a secure server and data protection rules are strictly observed concerning your confidential information.
If you have paper documents, you will need to create scanned electronic copies of them to upload online. There are a number of ways to create a scanned electronic copy of your document:

1. To create a scanned document using a printer, you will need to

  • Go to any of the 7 printers with scanning functions around the University. These are the locations of the Copy & Print Services
  • Swipe your Student ID card,
  • Set the document that you wish to scan face up on the top tray of the printer, and
  • Click Scan on the printer’s screen.
  • Your scanned document will be emailed to you as an attachment to your address.
  • Save your scanned document onto your pc/laptop/USB key.

2. You can use your smartphone to scan your paper documents using the free app OfficeLens (Android iPhone). This is quick, free and accurate.  

3. If you have access to online documents or take screenshots of documents, you must make sure that they are of good quality and that all the information is visible. You can save these onto your pc/laptop/phone and upload them as they are already in electronic format.
If you are still having difficulty creating an electronic version of your documents you may contact or drop into the Access Office in MAP Lodge on the North Campus.

Step 4 Register your Bank Details

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Funds awarded from the SAF will be paid directly into your bank account. Click on Register your Bank Details to register your bank details with the University. This is the only means by which you register your bank account details with the University. The Access Office will never contact you directly for these details. You should register your bank details even before you know of the outcome of your application to avoid delays in payment. If you have not registered your bank account details in time, your payment will be delayed by up to 6 weeks or you may miss it completely. 




Step 5 Outcome of your Application

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Once you have submitted a complete and correct application, including supporting documents, your application will be considered by the Student Assistance Fund Committee which will make a decision on your eligibility and/award. The decision on your application will be made by the SAF Committee based on the criteria agreed by the Maynooth University Student Financial Support Steering Committee the recommendation from the Student Budgeting Advisor and the application and supporting documentation provided by you.

An email will issue to you notifying you of the outcome of your application to the SAF.

If your application is rejected you may appeal (see Appeals section below).  


Closing Dates

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The Student Assistance Fund 2018/19 is now open and remains open until available funds are exhausted. You are advised to apply as early as you can. You may apply as many times as you need in each academic year, following the same 5 application steps outlined above for each application.

As soon as the Fund has been distributed in full no further awards can be made, regardless of eligibility. If you have any other queries which have not been answered here or in the SAF FAQs you can email


Confidentiality and Sharing of your Data

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  • Maynooth University will use your data for the purpose of processing your application to the Student Assistance Fund. You are also asked to give your consent to some details of your application to the SAF being used for research purposes. These details will always be anonymised and none of your personal data will be identifiable.
  • Information provided to the Student Budgeting Advisor that is relevant to an SAF application, will be shared with relevant University administrative departments to facilitate your application to the SAF.
  • Information provided to the Access Office as part of a SAF application may be shared with the Student Budgeting Advisor. Outcomes from SAF applications will be shared with the Student Budgeting Advisor.
  • Some of the data you provide when you apply to the Student Assistance Fund will be shared withthe Higher Education Authority, the Department of Education and Skills and the European Commission for the purposes of co-coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the operation of the Student Assistance Fundand to comply with European Union requirements.
  • Maynooth University/ Maynooth University Students' Union/St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth records may be accessed in order to assist the processing of your application to the SAF and to certify that the information provided as part of an application is correct and complete.
  • If you have entered University through the HEAR route, you will be asked to give consent to Maynooth University using the information you provided in your Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) application to contact you about, and to facilitate applications to, the SAF.
  • Your information, including your documentation, will be held securely by Maynooth University for a period of up to 9 years (up to 2027) in line with requirements of the Higher Education Authority and the European Social Fund Human Capital Investment Programme 2014_20 and will be deleted confidentially thereafter.
  • Maynooth University will not use your information for any additional purpose to those stated above and all details provided or accessed will be treated in a sensitive and confidential manner and will be stored, secured and remain strictly private and confidential and in accordance with the University Data Protection policy



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Typical allocations for 2017/18 were between €300 and €400, with the average award being €400.
See Step 4 above for how to register your bank details with the university.


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Students who are not awarded funding through the SAF may wish to appeal this decision. Students who were awarded funding may wish to appeal the amount awarded.

You can appeal the decision if you believe that your application was not correctly considered. This might arise if you believe that your application was unsuccessful because of a failure to take account of one or more documents submitted or if you believe an error was made by the Access Office in relation to a document you submitted.

An application must have been fully completed and considered by the SAF Committee before an appeal can be made; as part of an appeal, a student can revise an application or submit new information and the appeal may then be referred to the SBA for review. 

Requests for an appeal must be made in the form of a letter to the Director of Access within 10 working days of the original decision being communicated to you. Requests for an appeal after this date will not be considered. You must outline where you believe an error occurred in the review of your application. Any other means of requesting an appeal, other than by way of a letter, will not be accepted.

Letters should be sent to Director of Access, Access Office, MAP Lodge, North Campus, Maynooth University, Co. Kildare.

SAF appeals will be considered by an Appeals Board which consists of 3 members of the Student Financial Support Steering Committee, excluding the Director of Access (or an alternate who may have been involved in the original decision). The Maynooth Students’ Union representative will always be invited to be on the Appeals Board. The decision of the Appeals Board is final.

Students will be informed in writing of the decision of the Appeals Board. For any queries in relation to the appeals process please contact