Launchpad 2020 Group

Launchpad is the Maynooth University Access Programme (MAP) orientation designed to support and ease the transition to third level for students who are coming to Maynooth University through entry routes supported by MAP (the Mature Student Entry Route, the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR), the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE),  Turn to Teaching, QQI entry, or new students with a disability). If you enter through the HEAR entry route you must attend the Launchpad Orientation Programme.

The aims of Launchpad are for new students;

  • to get an insight into university life,
  • to make friends,
  • to find out about the available supports, and
  • to learn academic and personal skills that will help with settling in at Maynooth University.


Students who have attended Launchpad report feeling better prepared for university. By coming to Launchpad, you can develop a strong connection to Maynooth University and understand the way the University works and where to go for support.  You can build up a network of friends while learning about your course and university life from the MAP student Ambassadors. 


Launchpad 2020 Online

In 2020, Launchpad is moving online. Using a laptop, tablet or your phone from Saturday 26 September 2020, you will attend helpful information sessions about university life, receive advice and guidance from current Maynooth University students, and get to meet other incoming students like you. 

Take a look at the Launchpad 2020 Schedule to decide what you might like to attend throughout the semester. We'd love you to come along to as many talks, panels and hangouts as you can. It's such a great way to get to know what to expect at Maynooth and what supports are available. Say hi to our MAP Ambassadors, the current MU students who will be on every call to support you every step of the way to help get you settled in, sharing their tips for success. 

We're posting some of the sessions that have already taken place here so you can review these and get the information you need. 



Director of Access
Welcome Address
Dr Rose Ryan, Director of the Maynooth University Access Programme, along with the 4 Student Coordinators, welcomed attendees to Launchpad 2020 and Maynooth University.

Mature/ QQI Entry
Information Talk
Emer Sheerin, Mature Student Officer, and a number of current MAP student Ambassadors welcomed incoming mature and QQI entry students to Maynooth University and outlined the ways these students enhance the teaching and learning environment, and the various supports available to them.

HEAR Entry
Information Talk
Sandra Collins, MAP Advisor for HEAR entry students, highlighted the next steps in accessing the academic, personal and financial supports for HEAR students at Maynooth. 

Disability Supports
Information Talk
Gerard Gallagher and Bridget Gormley, Disability Advisors, explained how and why students register with a disability at Maynooth University and how to get the most from the Disability Office and the University supports available to develop successful strategies.

Disability Supports
Information Video
This video outlines the three steps to register with the Disability Office at Maynooth University and to avail of supports and reasonable accommodations. 

Money Matters
Information Talk
Ruth Killeen, Student Budgeting Advisor provides information on ways to meet the cost of college, your SUSI grant and applying for financial support.

Money Matters

Academic Advice
Information Talk
Rose Donovan, Academic Advisory Office, described what’s special about a Maynooth education, explained the Maynooth University curriculum and provided course programme related information and key college dates.

Study at Third Level
Information Talk
Kay Mitchell, Schools Liaison Officer with the Admissions Office at Maynooth University came along to Launchpad 2020 to provide some guidance to new entrants about coursework and how students can make informed decisions about how to maximise their degree and time at Maynooth.

Wellbeing at Maynooth
Information Talk
Kathleen McNutt, Head of the Maynoth University Counselling Service outlined some tips for minding your wellbeing as a new student at Maynooth.

Parents & Supporters 
Advice Session
Dr Rose Ryan, Director of Access (MAP) introduced Claire Gallagher, the parent of a current MAP student as well as some MAP Ambassadors, and provided some general information and advice about what a new student and their supporters might expect. 

Maynooth Online
Technology Training
As part of the Technology Transition Programme, this session teaches you how to access your Office 365 college email, find your course content in Teams and Moodle, store your documents and engage with your classmates.

Learn to Learn
Technology Training
As part of the Technology Transition Programme, you can find out about resources that can assist with notetaking in lectures at Maynooth University, with completing your readings, researching and tracking your library searches.

Student Strategies
Technology Training
As part of the Technology Transition Programme, key strategic tools are introduced to help you to manage your timetable, organise yourself and improve your memory with helpful tips and apps.



Meet our MAP Ambassadors

All of the student MAP ambassadors are all previous Launchpad attendees and are volunteering their time to give back to MAP and to pass along the learning and fun that they had on Launchpad. Here's what they have to say about their experience of first year.

MAP Ambassadors 2020 photos

Taking Part in Launchpad

Here are a few tips for getting involved in Launchpad Online.

  • Register to attend Launchpad in the link in your invitation email.
  • Look at the options available in the Launchpad Schedule.
  • Take a note of the times and days of sessions you want to attend.
  • Try to find a good place to set up your laptop, tablet or phone and check the camera and mic are working.
  • Attend the Technology Transition Programme workshops to help you get set up for learning remotely.
  • Have a paper & pen handy for remembering any useful information, and some water nearby. Some snacks too!!
  • Have fun! It's going to be an amazing chance for you to get a head start at Maynooth and it works best when you feel comfortable,
    so ask questions, chat, find out what to expect, and get as prepared as possible for your first semester.



Launchpad on Social Media

Twitter:  @MU_MAP
Instagram: mu_launchpad
TikTok: @mulaunchpad2020

Launchpod - the Launchpad Podcast

Episode 1 (20 minutes) - Gavin, Maia and Kieran share their memories of starting at Maynooth and offer their advice as you start out on your college journey. 
Episode 2 (24 minutes) Ryan and Donnchadh talk about getting involved outside of the classroom at Maynooth.
Episode 3 (29 minutes) Joanne, Iqura and Emma give you a survival guide for being a college student in Maynooth.
Episode 4 (19 minutes) Nicole, Shane and David give their top tips for making the most of your college experience!
Episode 5 (22 minutes) Maia, David and Eoin talk about dyslexia and dyspraxia at college as part of the Access Society's Awareness Week